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Acid Dosing Cart

August 13, 2021

These three unique pump carts are used to dose precise small amounts of acids. The semi-automated, mobile units provide a highly efficient production output necessary for the chemical industry. These units feature a ¼” Wilden Accu-Flo AODD pump, ½” Wilden pulsation dampener, Polytrace B2 Batch controller, RTI filter regulator, Dixon ball valve, and spill containment edges critical to sanitary standards.

Dosing pumps like the ¼’’ Wilden pictured here are designed to inject a chemical or another volatile substance into a flow of water or gas. The types of chemical applications dosing pumps are commonly found in require maximum efficiency for accurate mixture levels.  As such, they are designed to provide extremely precise flow rates. They can also be found in agriculture, dairy farms, breweries, power generation, and oil and gas markets.


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