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Why Authorized Service Centers Matter

We recently had a customer deliver a pump for inspection after it had been sent to a third-party repair shop.  When our technicians opened it up, they were shocked to find what was done in an attempt to repair the unit. It was immediately apparent that the pump was beyond repair based on the wear […]

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How Sealless Pumps Work and When You Should Use Them

The term “sealless pump’’ is used a lot in the transfer of fluids.  The concept may be confusing if you are new to the industry.  One can infer by the name that these are pumps that do not use traditional seal components, but what exactly does that entail, and what types of applications are ideal […]

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Avocado Oil Removal – Wilden Pump Cart

One of our food production customers was paying $2,000 per week to have a third party pump out their used avocado oil, a byproduct of their production process.  The oil would collect in a 10’ pit and they did not have an in-house solution for removal.  Our team built them a mobile Wilden Pump Cart […]

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