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Thomas Pump 24/7 XChange Program

January 24, 2023

For over 20 years, Thomas Pump & Machinery has utilized a unique 24/7 XChange Program for their T-GTO product line to expedite repairs. This successful 24/7 XChange program has helped countless customers get out of “hot water” and has aided in eliminating downtime and maximizing production. The program works by Thomas Pump shipping a pump within 24 hours upon receipt of order. Then the customer sends their broken pump in for evaluation. After the evaluation has been concluded, a repair report will be generated and returned to the customer. The customer then only pays for the damaged parts in return. A fantastic deal for those that can’t afford to wait.

Anderson Process is a Factory Authorized Service Center for Thomas Pump, so we are more than capable of diagnosing underlying problems and performing the necessary repairs for Thomas Pump products, such as the T-GTO product line.

For more details on the Thomas Pump 24/7 T-GTO Pump XChange Program, please fill out our contact form below or visit the Thomas Pump website:

Thomas Pump 24/7 XChange Program

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