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Custom Engineered Tank System

April 22, 2015

This tank system filters the incoming product, and heats the oil to a set temperature. The tank has 2” of mineral wool insulation, covered with sheet metal, electric heater in the tank with a site gauge. The Tuthill Pump will pump at 4.5 GPM at 150 PSI to two spray headers to spray mold release oil onto the molds. All in explosion proof electrical.


Anderson Process’s custom skid design services enable fluid-processing applications facing unique challenges to deploy optimized equipment solutions. With decades of experience in fluid dynamics and fluid system development, our applications engineers and technicians work closely with customers to understand both their current processing issues and long-term production goals. They then design and fabricate a process skid constructed of industry-leading OEM parts engineered to streamline operations, drive efficiency and enhance production yield. Documentation, support materials and primary technical support are available for every custom skid developed by Anderson Process.

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