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Cooling Skids

December 28, 2017

We just recently put the finishing touches on two complex cooling skids for a Wisconsin foundry that was installing a new line. They were designed to re-use spent cooling tower water, which would then run through one side of a Standard Xchange heat exchanger and then cool a glycol mixture on the other side of the Standard Xchange heat exchanger. The cooled glycol mixture is then sent through a Shell & Tube heat exchanger to cool the hydraulic oil for their new line/system being installed at the foundry. The system can be completely controlled by a centralized PLC system to record/adjust temperatures and control pump speed.

Also, the system includes a Xylem/Goulds Water Technology pump and expansion tank, Dixon gauges, Automatic Bi-torque valve and insulated piping for temperature retention. Let us help you design and build a cooling or heating system in the near future just like this one! Our capabilities are endless…

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