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T-Mag’s Sealless Pump Solution

February 23, 2016

Company: Chemical Manufacturer
Application: Tanker Truck Transfer,
• Sulfuric Acid (5-60% concentration), Specific Gravity: 1.8
• Flow: Approximately 100 gpm @ 34 ft TDH
• Temperature: 135 degrees F
• Flooded Suction
• Intermittent Transfer (4000 gallons per day) to tanker trucks

Customer had an existing centrifugal in this application. I was not able to identify it due to the rusted tag. He was looking to use one of our competitor’s mag pumps for this application, which would have cost twice as much as the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump. He wanted a sealless pump solution and the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump (TM10NC/EC/VT/125/ZZ) was the perfect fit for this application. After the customer installed the sealless pump, the customer was surprised with the overall performance and sealless solution that we provided, the customer even called me and said the T-Mag Sealless Pump is “kicking butt!”. The Customer has ordered a second pump this week for a similar application. We are working closely with him to supplant other centrifugal and competitive Mag drive pumps.

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