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Reverse Engineering Hose Assemblies

May 27, 2020

Anderson Process supplies a gearbox re-manufacturing customer with new hose kits for a range of gearbox models. The re-builds usually consist of standard hose and components from our stock or easily sourced, but one of our last jobs for this customer presented a unique challenge. The gearboxes they were working on were manufactured in Europe and had very specific custom fittings on them. The company had reached out to the OEM and were quoted at least 18 weeks to get the hose and fittings delivered, along with the hassle and high cost of international shipping. The customer turned to Anderson Process for a solution.

As with previous gearboxes, AP received a box of all of the hoses needed for the project to sort through and provide replacements. Without being able to replace them with off-the-shelf components, our team of engineers got to work reverse engineering every piece.

Our team was able to reverse engineer and rebuild every component within a few short weeks. The end result was the same, high-quality components delivered to the customer in less than half the time, at a fraction of the cost of delivery from overseas.

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