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Ampco ZP3 Series PD Circumferential Piston Pump

February 5, 2019

When you see an all Stainless Steel pump do you only think of food and beverage applications?  If cleanability and abrasion are a potential concern, look into an Ampco ZP3 series PD Circumferential Piston Pump to do the job. Here we have five pump, motor, gearbox and base assemblies ready to ship out to a chemical manufacturer. The pumps unique front-loading seal, cleanability on the inside/out, FDA/3A specifications, ability to handle higher viscosities and ability to build higher pressures lend the Ampco ZP3 to be  a great alternative in industrial applications. We see a trend in historical down and dirty applications looking to acquire products that break the mold, the new products look clean and have the ability to be cleaned.

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