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Mobile Fluid Fill Equipment (High-Volume)

Mobile Fluid Fill (High-Volume): HyperFill Premium

Our HyperFill Premium systems are designed to be a complete solution for fast-paced, high-volume production lines.  These comprehensive systems offer the highest fill rates, limitless layouts & combinations, and moveable consoles that can move in tandem with vehicles moving down the production line.

The mobile filling units have speed monitoring systems to ensure they run at the exact speed as the vehicles on the line.  Multiple adapters can be added to a mobile console, and multiple consoles can run on the same track to service multiple vehicles simultaneously.  The combination of multiple process fluid adapters along with the mobility on the line provides the absolute fastest fill rates available.  HyperFill Premium systems can keep up with the highest vehicle production rates in the North American automotive industry.

Our HyperFill Premium Systems Provide:

Fastest Fill Rates: The multiple configuration options and mobile consoles provide the absolute fastest fill rates. Run consoles on the same track to service multiple vehicles simultaneously while they move down the production line.

Risk Mitigation: Every second of downtime costs you money. Our robust and reliable HyperFill Premium systems maximize uptime on the production line while drastically reducing the risk of user error.  Investing in comprehensive solutions to mitigate these risks often pays for itself with the avoidance of a single line-stopping event.

Traceability: Our systems have the technical capability to meet industry safety and traceability standards.  All fills are monitored, tracked, and communicated to a customer’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for extensive traceability at each station.

Efficient Installation & Maintenance: Regardless of the number of fill stations, our HyperFill systems do not infringe on the production line. They can be added, removed, upgraded, or repaired without affecting production.

Flexibility: There are limitless process and layout combinations with our HyperFill systems. The modular design allows for easy maintenance and the flexibility to add or upgrade components as needed without a major overhaul.

All Fluid Fill Machine Types:

Compact Low-Volume Filling Machines
Stationary High-Volume Filling Machines
Mobile High-Volume Filling Machines

Fluids We Handle

Fluids traditionally handled on an automotive assembly line, including but not limited to:

AC Fluid Adapter Tools
Brake Fluid Adapter Tools
Coolant Adapter Tools
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Adapter Tools
Fuel Adapter Tools
Oil Adapter Tools
Power Steering Adapter Tools
Windshield Fluid Adapter Tools
Air Suspension Adapter Tools
Leak Testing Adapter Tools
Combination Adapter Tools
Specialized Adapter Tools

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