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Non-Metallic Pumps

Corrosion Resistant Non-Metallic Materials.

Non-metallic pumps are suitable for a multitude of applications in the industry. There is a large range of non-metallic materials pumps are built out of. They can be found handling corrosive and abrasive chemicals, water, wastewater, and corrosive fumes.

Corrosion resistance was identified as the major attribute of non-metallic pumps. But their abrasion resistance and ability to avoid metallic contamination of the product they are pumping, thus preserving its purity, also are important characteristics. Of even greater significance is the inert chemical nature of the thermoplastics, which are suitable for use over the full pH range. This property simplifies the choice of the specific material, and extends the usefulness and service life of a given pump in a variety of applications.

Anderson Process partners with trusted non-metallic pump manufacturers — including All-Flo, Almatec, Blackmer, Flowrox, Flux, Graco, Neptune, Pulsafeeder, Standard Pump and Wilden — to offer a large selection of positive displacement non-metallic pumps for nearly any industrial process application.

Non-Metallic Pumps Brands

Standard Pump
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