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System Health Assessment

System Health Assessment

System Health Assessment

Spotting problems early can prevent costly downtime due to line stoppage.  If you want to verify the health of your current or legacy system, we offer system health assessment services to verify the working order of all instrumentation, software, productivity, and safety aspects associated with the current process.  The system assessment results in thorough reports on the health of your system and options to replace or upgrade system components that may not be performing to your standards.   Our reports also offer suggestions for areas of improvement, including safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Our team members can visit anywhere in the U.S. to run your system check on-site and ensure your investment is operating within target performance.  Contact us today to learn more about our system health check services or to schedule a visit to your facility.

Case Study: System Health Assessment for Compact Fuel Fill Unit

System Health Assessment Case Study

Problem: This dual-unit gasoline skid (with two meters and two metering pumps) was idle in storage for a long period of time.

Solution: Rather than building a new unit, Anderson Process replaced the piping, valves and pumps – replacing essentially everything but the frame and filter housing. This saved the company money compared to buying a new unit.

Important to Remember: There is equipment still in service that is decades old – including some systems that were installed during the 1990s.

Often, when a piece of equipment gets to be between 10-12 years old, certain parts become obsolete and can not be simply replaced.

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