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Side Channel Blowers

Side Channel Blowers

Regenerative side channel blowers work according to the impulse principle. This means that kinetic energy from a rotating impeller is transferred to the pumping medium and converted into pressure. The impeller is mounted directly on the shaft of the motor and, together with the specially shaped housing, forms the side channel.

The pumping medium is sucked in, compressed in the side channel and then discharged after one rotation. This allows a side channel blower to generate both vacuum and blast air. The motor power also influences the blower’s pumping or discharge speed. The two silencers located on the inlet and discharge sides provide quiet operation.

Side channel regenerative blowers, available as one-stage and two-stage, are generally suitable for low over-pressure and vacuum duties, and are particularly suited to applications where a pulsation-free flow is required. Units can be installed in horizontal and vertical positions. Die-cast aluminum makes this a very robustly constructed product.

Anderson Process partners with the leading manufacturers to offer a comprehensive line of side channel blowers. Let us help you size a side channel blower today!

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