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Scroll Vacuum Pumps

Scroll Vacuum Pumps

Scroll vacuum pumps consist of both a fixed and an orbiting scroll. As the orbiting scroll moves, voids are created at the inlet of the pump, drawing in the gas. As the rotor further moves, the gas is steadily compressed until it is discharged to atmosphere at the pump exhaust. The scroll pump design provides 100% oil-free operation as it does not require any lubrication. The bearings are separated from the compression chamber so no contamination of the pumped gas is possible. In addition, the leak-tight design helps prevent contamination of the pumped gas by ambient air.

Scroll vacuum pumps are hermetically sealed, 100% oil-free and ideal for pumping air or conveying gases without leakage or ambient air contamination. They are ideally suited for generating high vacuum in load lock or transfer chambers, helium leak detectors, mass spectrometers, electron microscopes and other analytical devices. They are also used in processes for handling of gases that require the highest level of purity within the gas recovery process.

Anderson Process partners with the leading manufacturers to offer a comprehensive line of scroll vacuum pumps. Let us help you size a scroll vacuum pump today!

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