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Rotary Lobe Blowers

Rotary Lobe Blowers

Rotary lobe blowers work according to the proven Roots system: two parallel rotary pistons mounted rotate in opposite directions within a housing. The pumped medium is sealed in the space between the rotors and housing. It is compressed, pumped through the housing to the gas discharge by the rotary motion and discharged.

A silencer with integrated inlet filter is connected upstream of the blower stage. Once the medium has been compressed during the blower stage, it flows through the downstream discharge silencer. The design of the rotary lobe blower is practically identical in the vacuum and over-pressure version.

Rotary lobe blowers are extremely reliable due to their robust design and high level of precision during manufacture. They are extremely energy-efficient due to three factors: the energy-saving motor, the option to choose motor size depending on requirements, and the highly efficient blower stages.

Anderson Process partners with the leading manufacturers to offer a comprehensive line of rotary lobe blowers. Let us help you size a rotary lobe blower today!

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