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Welded Metal Bellows

Solution For The Most Pressing Fluid Sealing Challenges.

Welded metal bellows mechanical seals are engineered to reliably operate in a wide range of temperature and applications. We partner with the industry-leading mechanical seal manufacturers such as — Flex-A-Seal — to deliver welded metal bellows seals that are engineered to withstand demanding fluid-handling applications. All of our welded metal bellows mechanical seals, regardless of application, are designed to provide extended seal life.

Anderson Process offers low-temperature welded bellows (up to 400°F) and high-temperature welded bellows (up to 800°F) mechanical seals. These welded metal bellows seals are world-renowned for their engineering design. These seals can be used in many applications including cryogenic, standard, and high temperatures and vacuums.

To meet the requirements of these applications, the welded metal bellows can be made with Inconel 718 treated AM350 and Hastelloy-C. All welded metal bellows seals are hydraulically balanced, eliminate seal hang up and shaft fretting, and are self-cleaning.

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