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Knowledge & Insights: Vacuum Pumps

How to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Pump

In many industrial sectors, vacuum pumps are doing yeoman’s work. Often running for several hours per day in some applications and even non-stop for multiple work shifts per day. Vacuum pumps being in operation means several maintenance related issues inevitably will crop up. If the user is not proactive in treating these issues the vacuum […]

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Tuthill Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Repair

A chemical manufacturer’s Kinney (Tuthill) 2-stage liquid ring vacuum pump’s seals were leaking prematurely due to hard water correlated issues at their facility. After exploring some different options with the customer to extend seal life, they opted for us to rebuild the pump to factory specifications. We replaced the wear parts (seals and bearings) and […]

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What is the Buying Process When I am Looking for a Pump?

With so many options to choose from in today’s day and age, buying the right pump for your application can initially feel like an overwhelming task. A task that can cost you time and money if not approached correctly. Providing detailed and accurate information is essential to finding the best pump for your application.  That […]

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How do Vacuum Pumps Work?

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules or air particles from a sealed volume in order to achieve difference in pressure creating a partial vacuum. Vacuum pumps are designed in a variety of technologies based on the pressure requirements and the application it services. When setting up a vacuum pump system, sizing […]

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Pioneer Vacuum Prime Assist Centrifugal Pump Repair

We just finished a complete overhaul repair of a Pioneer Vacuum prime assist centrifugal pump, this was one in a series of pumps getting re-built.  The Prime Series from Pioneer are ideal in situations where you can leave the pump unattended in order to self-prime itself in remote locations.  Examples of this are in agriculture fields, […]

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