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Blacoh AODDampener Product Presentation Video

Everything you need to know about Blacoh’s AODDampener is in this brief and informative video. Explore the many features and benefits, learn how the automatic air control works, and see how this new dampener performs under pressure.

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T-Mag’s Sealless Pump Solution

Customer had an existing centrifugal in this application. I was not able to identify it due to the rusted tag. He was looking to use one of our competitor’s mag pumps for this application, which would have cost twice as much as the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump. He wanted a sealless pump solution…

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EnviroGear® Pumps Adding G Series Internal Gear Pumps to Product Offering

EnviroGear® Pumps is pleased to announce the integration of G Series Sealed Internal Gear Pumps into its product offering.

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Campbell Fittings Viewpoints w/ Terry Bradshaw Video

Click here to view more videos on our YouTube Channel!

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Goodyear Engineered Products are now branded Continental ContiTech!

We are excited to announce that Goodyear Engineered Products are now branded Continental ContiTech.

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Custom Engineered Tank System

This tank system filters the incoming product, and heats the oil to a set temperature.

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